YR&G provides technical and strategic sustainability consulting services to organizations, buildings, and communities across the U.S. and internationally. We believe that the most sustainable outcomes occur at the intersection of people and technology, and we use this principle to guide our clients and projects to realize their highest potential. Through a combination of modeling, analysis, benchmarking, research, creative visioning, alignment, and education, we facilitate an integrated process and enable results through informed decisions. YR&G takes a multidisciplinary approach, linking the skills and knowledge of our core team of professionals – architects and engineers, teachers and business strategists, biologists and building scientists – to provide a broad and technically rigorous approach with a focused lens of sustainability. YR&G is organized into four key teams that work collaboratively to support a wide range of projects and client types. These teams include: Building Design and Construction, Building Performance and Operations, Community and Neighborhood Development, and Corporate Sustainability.